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Movavi Video Editor Review (From an Honest & Trusted Expert)

Movavi Video Editor has been around since 2004. It’s a popular video editor that is used by over 3 million happy users from 200 countries across the world.

The tool can take care of everything, from video creation and editing to converting, screen recording, and much more.With it, you can make your own professional-looking movies in no time.

You will be able to upload video content, cut the unnecessary parts, use transitions to join the fragments, and enhance your video quality by applying effects and filters, music, titles, and more.

In this article, I’m going to provide you with a full review of Movavi Video Editor.

I’ll give my thoughts on the software – what I like about it, and what I don’t like so you can make a better informed decision as to whether or not this is the right video editing tool for you.

Movavi aims to make video creation and editing as easy as possible.

The software is designed for use by beginners and experts alike.

With effective tools like these, these days even amateurs can make high-quality, professional-looking video footage that stands out.

Is the Movavi Video Editor Worth it?

Over the years, Movavi has gained a reputation as being a great video editor that is suitable for everyone – even complete beginners with no prior editing experience.

In my opinion, this video editor is definitely worth the cost.

It has a provable ROI and it can pay for itself in a relatively short amount of time.

Take a look at what some of its key features will allow you to do:

  • Create your own engaging movies and slideshows
  • Apply effects and filters so your videos can really stand out
  • Include animated transitions and titles in your videos
  • Add recordings of your own voice-over via microphone
  • Share videos online or export them in any of the popular formats

The features of this software make it the perfect tool for complementing remote work, distance education, fun projects, etc.


Who is the Movavi Video Editor Good For?

Whether you’re an amateur or an expert video editor, Movavi has a lot to offer you.

This video editing tool is great for anyone who wants to maximize the use of video mediums to communicate with their audience.

It’s for anyone who wants to effectively use tools that can help them create videos that are more engaging, informative, and professional looking.

In terms of the interface, features, stability, performance, and support, Movavi is very hard to beat.

Here are some use cases for this video editor to help you understand how this software can help different types of creators.

Movavi Video Editor Use Cases

YouTube Channel: If you want to create gaming videos, tutorial videos, etc. for YouTube channel, then this software can help you do so. It contains everything you need to edit your footage for a high-quality, professional looking end result.

Video Ads: Video ads don’t have to use up all your budget. With a tool like Movavi video editor, you can create unique and great-performing video ads in the most convenient, effective, and affordable way.

Product Demo Videos: Can help you create great product demo videos. On the site, you will even find a step-by-step guide for creating effective explainer videos using the software. This is particularly useful for first-time users.

Travel Blogger: If you want to share engaging travel clips or stunning vacation memories, Movavi can help you do that. Your videos will look professional even if you’ve never edited a video on a PC before.

Everyday Use: This tool can also be the perfect tool for anyone who wants to edit and share footage of wedding videos, memorable birthdays, home movies, etc. In short, it can be used by ANYONE to create and edit any kind of video.

You can use Movavi’s editing software to:

  • Remove mistakes and cut scenes you don’t want others to see
  • Create video ads for your small business or employer
  • Polish and preserve home movies for generations to come
  • Edit funny videos of friends, family, pets, etc.
  • Create professional looking videos of weddings, birthdays, etc.
  • Easily upload finished videos to social media sites

Movavi Video Editor Pros and Cons

Movavi is a great platform. But, as with all other online tools and software, it comes with its own unique mix of benefits and drawbacks.

Here, we take a look at the pros and cons so you can make a more informed decision about whether or not this tool is the right fit for you.


  1. Easy to Use: Movavi is designed to make it extremely easy for beginners with no prior video editing experience.
  2. Windows 7 and Above: The software supports Windows 7 and above. You can also use the software on Mac OS.
  3. Premium Features: Movavi has tons of premium features such as timeline markers, animation options, etc.
  4. Built-In Training: Movavi software also comes with a built-in training module to shorten the learning curve.
  5. 4K Rendering: This feature allows for even faster processing of 4K videos.


  1. Slow Rendering: The software tends to get a bit slow when rendering heavy files.
  2. Limited Support: Movavi doesn’t support H.265.
  3. Lack of Control: The video editor has limited control over some of the effects (e.g. title addition and editing).

Movavi Video Editor Functionality

In this section, we’re going to look at the functionality of this video editor.

If you want to follow along, you can install Movavi by clicking the blue download for free” button on this page.

The file will then be downloaded automatically and you can proceed with the installation process.

To install Movavi Video Editor, simply double-click on the downloaded file an installation will begin automatically.

It takes under a minute to install and the interface can be accessed in 14 international languages.

1. User Interface

When you open in the video editor for the first time, you will see this dashboard:

As you can see, the user interface is simple and easy to use.

It has a standard layout that is similar to most other video editors where you can import files and move them to a timeline.

You also have a video preview of the final results in the top right of the page as in the image below:

You can easily import any previously recorded video to get started editing it with the software.

You can also import images, audio, and various other file types that you need for your new video.

Furthermore, there are tons of sounds, music, backgrounds, and sample videos that you can choose from within the software.

The dashboard is designed to make it easy for you to find anything you’re looking for, including the filters, audio, graphics, effects, and everything else this video editing software offers.

2. Editing Capabilities

Movavi has all kinds of awesome tools for editing your videos.

Some of the main editing capabilities of this software include transactions, titles, and stickers.


The platform makes it as easy as possible for you to edit your videos.

For instance, you can do transitions where you have the ability to join two clips using a neat animation, such as:

  • Blur in
  • Page Turn Effect
  • CrossFade
  • Zoom in
  • Fade in
  • Warps

…and much more.

To add a transition, you simply right-click on your chosen one and you will be presented with the option to include it either before or after your clip.

This is just one of the many bells and whistles included on this platform to help make your editing efforts as easy as possible while giving you professional looking results.


Titles are just basically text that you can add to your videos.

You can choose to add ordinary text, or you can add titles in different fonts and fancy text, as shown in the image below:


There are tons of clipart style graphics you can include in your videos.

To add them, simply right-click any sticker and select “Add to Current Position”.

You will then be able to move and resize the sticker, and choose how long it should appear in this position.

3. Video Effects

Movavi’s software also offers a ton of useful sample videos and video effects.

Each of these are fairly small (just a few seconds in length), and they are quick and easy to download.

This makes it more convenient to create videos without having to search Google to find the video and audio effects that you need.

Furthermore, all this is included free of charge, which means you don’t have to rely on external or paid services if you want to add some nice effects to your video.

Want to try Movavi for FREE? Click Here to get a FREE download to try.

4. Project Workflow

So far, it’s clear to see that with this tool, you can create an outstanding video in under 30 minutes.

There is no need to spend tons of time studying complicated software.

All you need to do is follow these few short steps:

Step #1: Add Media Files to the Program

Step #2: Split Your Video into Parts and Delete the Unwanted Segments

Step #3: Apply Artistic Effects to Your Videos and Photos

Step #4: Join the Video/Image Fragments with Smooth Transitions

Step #5: Add Video Titles (to the beginning and end, as well as overlay titles)

Step #6: Add a Soundtrack to Your Movie or Slideshow

Step #7: Save the Finished Video and Uploaded to the Web

This article from Movavi goes into more detail on each of these steps so you can be up and running in the quickest way possible.

5. Ease of Use

As previously mentioned, Movavi video editor has a very clean interface which makes it easy to see and manage all the properties you want to apply to each of your video clips.

For instance, if you want to apply a filter, all you have to do is right-click it and choose “Add to Selected Clip” (or you can add it to all clips, depending on what you’re trying to do).

To remove a clip or edit its properties, such as speed, volume, applied effects, etc., simply click the star icon located at the top left of the clip.

It’s that easy!

The software is designed to do ALL the hard work for you.

Having said that, there are a few minor annoyances beginners might have with this software.

For instance, when adding titles, it’s not immediately clear that you have the ability to resize the text window as the mouse cursor does not change when you move over the text borders.

Also, there is no way to enter the exact font size you need. You can only choose the font from the drop-down with the list of options – and this can be quite limiting for some users.

But, once you’ve played around with the software for a couple of minutes and understand how it works, it all flows nicely and these issues won’t seem like such big problems after all.

6. Video Output

When using Movavi, by default, the videos you create and edit will be exported using the same settings for the project.

This means that the output video will be displayed exactly the way you saw it in the preview area.

You can change the resolution and aspect ratio (among other settings) by clicking the pencil icon.

You’ll then be able to view and edit your project settings.

The tool offers a broad range of output options which cover all the frequently used formats for videos and audio.

As a beginner, it’s probably best to leave the output settings alone, unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

The sharing and output feature in Movavi can be quite helpful, particularly for people who are active on video streaming platforms.

You can upload your videos directly from Google Drive, Vimeo, or YouTube by signing in.

Movavi Video Editor vs Competitors

Movavi vs Filmora

Of all the video editing software available today, Filmora is probably the closest competitor for Movavi.

It has a similar layout and much of the same features, including inbuilt effects, audio, text, graphics, etc.

However, at a price of $69.95, it costs significantly more than Movavi Video Editor ($39.95).

Filmora also has a steeper learning curve, which means that beginners might find it more difficult to use.

Movavi vs Camtasia

The main differences between these two video editors is that Camtasia focuses on things like video effects, transitions, and animations, whereas Movavi focuses more on filters, effects, fades, and 3-D video editing.

Other than that, both of these video editors are among the best options on the market today, and each is a great option to choose.

However, Movavi is cheaper and it allows you to share videos directly from YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo.

Movavi vs iMovie

One of the major differences between Movavi and iMovie is that the latter only runs on Mac while Movavi can run on both Mac and Windows.

Also, Movavi users can export files in a variety of formats without issues, whereas iMovie formats are restricted.

The bottom line is Movavi is simple to use, multifunctional, and contains tons of special effects. Compared to iMovie, it’s easily the better option.

Want to try Movavi for FREE? Click Here to get a FREE download to try.


Here is the pricing structure for Movavi Video Editor:

  • Movavi Video Editor: $39.95 (Lifetime license for 1 PC)
  • Movavi Video Editor Plus: $59.95 (Lifetime license for 1 PC)
  • Video Suite: $79.95 (Lifetime license for 1 PC)

The Movavi Video Editor Plus lifetime license offers the best value.

When you opt for the Video Editor Plus license, you get all the features of Movavi VIdeo Editor, plus a few advanced additions.

With it, you pay a one-time fee for everything you need to create high-quality, professional looking videos.

This includes features such as

  • Cutting, trimming, and joining
  • Effects and transitions
  • Keyframe animation
  • Automatic video creation
  • Timeline markers
  • Built-in media pack
  • Superfast processing of 4K videos

and much more.

In 2021, Movavi launched their latest Video Suite, an even more powerful version of this software to allow for more effective creation, editing, and sharing of video content.

The Video Suite package offers all the same features as the Video Editor Plus, but it also includes media files conversion and screen recording.



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