Tuesday , 5 July 2022
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When dreaming up the perfect gaming battle station, most users spend the majority of their time thinking about their favorite keyboards, high-DPI gaming mice, comfy headsets and high refresh-rate displays. Often overlooked in a PC gamer’s peripheral budget, mouse pads are actually an essential part of the PC gaming experience. A fancy gaming mouse without a reliable surface is like a knight without his loyal steed.

While most modern optical and laser sensors have evolved to become great at tracking on all sorts of odd surfaces, having a reliable mouse pad makes a big difference for any type of competitive PC gaming. Nothing is quite as cringe-inspiring as a mouse paired with a random house-hold object or bare surface.

So if you are still using an old soda-stained, dirt magnet of a mouse pad, consider treating yourself to a brand new one. We’re constantly testing new mouse pads from various PC gaming brands to cultivate our list of the best. Check them out.


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