Monday , 17 June 2019
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Desync review


It’s hard to criticise a difficult game, because the assumption usually made is that you’re only frustrated because you’re bad at it. And to be clear: I am bad at Desync. It’s an abstract, neon FPS about creative killing—with a focus on movement and positioning. I’ve died loads, and haven’t progressed very far. This isn’t, however, why I’m not smitten ... Read More »

Nier: Automata review


Buy it Humble Store Read our affiliates policy  On a ruined Earth, the last fragments of humanity are locked in an endless war with a robot army. Controlled by a mysterious alien intelligence, these machines have conquered the planet and driven the survivors to flee to a base on the Moon. From here, in a facility known as the Bunker, ... Read More »

Rain World review


Rain World looks to be set in a fairly commonplace videogame post-apocalypse at first. Wild vegetation grows from mysterious structures, the skeletons of skyscrapers scratch a leaden grey sky, and living is neither convenient nor fun. Except in Rain World you’re a slugcat (a cat that is also a slug), and the apocalypse it must endure is among the bleakest ... Read More »

Thimbleweed Park review


Federal agents Ray and Reyes are investigating a murder in the remote rural town of Thimbleweed Park. A body was found under a bridge on the edge of town, but none of the locals seem to know anything about it or who the victim is. The agents have a checklist of tasks they have to complete to crack the case, ... Read More »

Stellaris: Utopia review


  When Stellaris launched almost a year ago, its biggest void wasn’t space itself, but its relatively challenge-light mid-game, especially regarding internal politics. Utopia attempts to enliven player empires, and force interesting choices in between the initial phase of wonder and exploration and the climactic finale when scripted endgame crises bring it all together. It attacks this problem with new ... Read More »

Stories Untold review


Buy it Humble store Read our affiliates policy I’m sitting at a desk in a dark room lit only by the dim orange glow of a lamp and a buzzing CRT monitor. An old computer’s tape loader shrieks as pixels trickle down a flickering screen, forming the shape of an old house, then a name beneath it: The House Abandon. ... Read More »

Styx: Shards of Darkness review


Buy it Humble Store Read our affiliates policy Apparently the jump button in Shards of Darkness isn’t located between my ass cheeks. I know this because its irascible and stunted protagonist, no, antagonist Styx has just shouted this at me from a loading screen after I missed a ledge and killed him. Swearing is not big and it’s not clever, ... Read More »

The Elder Scrolls: Legends review


Read our affiliates policy   Even after playing The Elder Scrolls: Legends for seven months, I still find myself unsure about the correct lane to drop my next creature into. Staring at an empty board on turn five, I know I want to use the Ring of Magicka—which works like the coin in Hearthstone, only the player going second gets ... Read More »

The Signal From Tölva review


Following on from the interestingly flawed Sir, You Are Being Hunted, The Signal From Tölva is a game about adapting to and managing your limitations. Which is exactly what developer Big Robot has done: this tiny British team has defied its constraints with a rugged and characterful sci-fi shooter that skilfully blends splendid world-building with taut action. You explore the ... Read More »

The Hunter: Call of the Wild review


Buy it Humble Store Read our affiliates policy Wild boar. Blacktail deer. Roosevelt elk. European bison. Beautiful, majestic creatures, all of which I’ve killed with a big gun in The Hunter, a semi-realistic hunting simulator set across two vast rural landscapes in Germany and America’s Pacific Northwest. But you can’t just sprint around firing your rifle like a Call of ... Read More »