Wednesday , 16 June 2021
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Suspected CIA spying tools linked to hacks in 16 countries


The suspected CIA spying tools exposed by WikiLeaks have been linked to hacking attempts on at least 40 targets in 16 countries, according to security firm Symantec. The tools share “close similarities” with the tactics from an espionage team called Longhorn, Symantec said in a Monday post. Longhorn has been active since at least 2011, using Trojan programs and previously ... Read More »

US dismantles Kelihos botnet after Russian hacker’s arrest


The arrest last week of a Russian man in Spain was apparently for his role in a massive spam botnet and not related to an ongoing investigation into foreign tampering with last year’s U.S. election. The botnet, called Kelihos, has enslaved hundreds of thousands of computers, and distributed spam and malware to users across the globe. However, the U.S. has taken action ... Read More »

Xbox Project Scorpio specs revealed: Microsoft’s next console is a Radeon-infused monster


While Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro struggles to hit 4K resolution in many games, Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox is shaping up to be an utter beast of a console. On Thursday, Microsoft revealed the hardware specifications for its Xbox “Project Scorpio” console via Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry—some of the most demanding technical reviewers around. Significant upgrades abound in all areas, and AMD’s managed ... Read More »

We May Finally Get an AMD-Powered Chromebook


Chromebooks have actually been around because 2011 when Acer and Samsung launched their very first efforts at the online-only laptops, preceded just by Google’s speculative Cr-48. Ever since we’ve had a lot more designs launched with the peak of the style being the Google Pixel$ 649.99 at Verizon Wireless. However something we’ve never ever had is a Chromebook operating on ... Read More »

You’ll Soon Need 10,000 Views to Host YouTube Ads


Wish to earn money from ads in your YouTube videos? Your channel had much better have significantly more than 10,000 sights. These would be the new rules for that YouTube Partner Program (YPP), the home of lots of people who make their livings submitting original videos and connecting advertisements to them. YouTube states the 10,000-watch limit is just a method ... Read More »

Facebook’s Virtual Assistant M Invades Messenger


  Practically 2 years back, Facebook presented a digital assistant for the Messenger app called M, although you probably don’t remember. Now the feature is finally launching in the US for all Android and iOS users. But M launching today’s version is not the exact same M we found out about in August 2015. At that time, artificial intelligence and ... Read More »