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Methods to delete from computer and browser


There are many types of advertising programs. Some of them are completely harmless and are just trying to tell users about the benefits of a product. Some are specific to a particular company or a web site, and are trying to get you to visit a specified website (for example, online casino, brokerage site, and so on). Today we will ... Read More »

What is Odin ransomware, how to decrypt .odin files


In this article we will tell you about the most dangerous virus in recent months: Odin ransomware. It is a virus that penetrates into users’ computers via e-mail spam and encrypts all files on the computer. After that, it requires the user money for decrypting the files. If you encounter such a problem, or simply do not want to become ... Read More »

What is All-czech browser hijacker and how to remove it


Recently, we received a lot of complaints about the browser hijacker, called This program gets into user’s browser using various tricks, and we’ll tell you about them, as well as how it works and how to remove it. How got on my computer? As with any other browser hijacker, is very cunning and stealthy. Most often, this ... Read More »

WWE 2K17 review


Buy it Humble Store Read our affiliates policy. WWE 2K17 offers a competent combat system. You initiate strikes and grapples through various button combinations, and watch as the animations play out. The strategy of each match revolves around reversals, which mimics the back-and-forth structure of professional wrestling. The slow pace is an acquired taste, and feels more suited to lumbering ... Read More »

Take On Mars review


I’ve been playing Take On Mars on and off since it was released through Steam Early Access in 2013. It first attracted my attention because of how unusual it was. A game about trundling around the surface of Mars with a rover, probing soil, looking at rocks, and listening to the lonely howl of the wind. It appealed to me ... Read More »

Sniper Elite 4 review


Buy it: Humble Store Read our affiliates policy.  I tried playing Sniper Elite 4 as a pure stealth game, carefully sneaking past patrols and waiting for a plane to roar overhead to mask the crack of my rifle as I debrained my first fascist officer. But a little while later some wandering putz spotted me and so I sniped him, ... Read More »

For Honor review


Buy it Humble store Read our affiliates policy If you showed a historian footage of For Honor, a game in which samurai, vikings, and knights fight each other, they’d spit their tea out and politely ask you to leave. It makes no sense for these chronologically distinct factions to be fighting for control of the same continent, but it doesn’t ... Read More »

Halo Wars 2 review


I can’t help but admire the crew members of the Spirit of Fire. For almost three decades they’ve been in a starship locked in cryosleep (in some uncomfy looking chambers, no less), yet when the ship’s dying AI finally sends out a wake-up call, they pop out into action, hardhats already donned. By the time the ship’s scruffy Captain Cutter ... Read More »

Torment: Tides of Numenera review


Read our affiliates policy.  Torment occupies a special place in the history of PC roleplaying games. It sticks  in the memory: Baldur’s Gate’s stranger, sexier, smarter sibling, interested in headier stuff than swords and sorcery. The original Torment was highly regarded and its influence is felt throughout the RPG genre, from Pillars of Eternity’s soul-reading to the warped denizens of ... Read More »

Night in the Woods review


Buy it Humble Store Read our affiliates policy  Mae Borowski drops out of college and returns to Possum Springs, the small, rural town where she grew up. But it’s a bittersweet homecoming. She was the first Borowski to go to college, and her parents are disappointed she quit. The collapse of the coal mining industry has left the town in ... Read More »